e3Learning in practice – UnitingCare Case Study

In February 2012, UnitingCare launched its employee portal – The Learning Campus – a dedicated online learning space for over 7000 employees across NSW and ACT. The portal encompasses 5 different business units and has been designed with scalable functionality and content that is synchronous with the emerging needs of the organisation.

e3Learning in practice – UnitingCare Case Study

The portal allows UnitingCare to depart from traditional face to face training and move to a blended learning format which aims to provide industry relevant content, greater access to learners as well as addressing the significant geographic distances employees travel to attend training events.

One of the key benefits of implementing the Learning Campus, was to increase transparency of learning activity and increase visibility for reporting and governance, in particular compliance training. In the 5 weeks since the portal was launched, there has been in excess of 9000 logins and 3000 course completions across 4000 employees. With a further 3000 employees to join the site over the next few weeks, employee uptake has exceeded all expectations.  ‘We have already begun to see benefits realised with good performance against compliance obtained much quicker than predicted’.

A marketing plan is being developed to ensure the site remains fresh and that content is rolled out periodically to maximise uptake and engagement. ‘We would also like to acknowledge the many content contributors at e3 and their clients who have allowed us access to their content and hope that we can continue to partner with them in the future’.

We’d like to thank Lana Richards from UnitingCare for providing this case study, and everyone from UnitingCare who has worked with us to make the project a success.

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Monday, April 30, 2012 3:32 pm